Daria Podemska

DARIA PODEMSKA expresses a captivating ability to distance herself from the reality, and to illuminate her positive emotions in art. She explores through her feminine outlook the depth and the sensitivity of women in today’s reality. She captures the light in a warming luster to express the comforting feeling through the gentle sheen of the soft glow, which is reflecting on the surface of her paintings.

Daria demonstrates an extended and complex knowledge of colour and layering by the application of the textures and hues in her work. She builds depth and perspective in her minimal approach by applying skillfully mixed media resulting in a rich, yet a light finish.

Her paintings invite us to observe and reflect on the emotions in a calm and soothing way. By presenting the abstract object of her paintings in a positive, uplifting expression; her art creates balance and invites us to optimistic emotions.

Daria has a degree in art from Adam’s Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Since 2009 in Ottawa and Montreal, before in France, Holland and Poland.