Paul Ozzello


Montreal based artist Paul Ozzello has been photographing the Canadian Arctic since 2018. Originally an industrial landscape photographer, he discovered the lands of Nunavik during a visit to teach a seminar on photography in the northern village of Salluit. Having spent most of his childhood exploring the mountainous regions of the northern Alps with his father, it was only natural that Ozzello’s passion for the land led him to discover the raw landscapes of Canada’s Great North. When not distracted by herds of caribou, he is always followed by his faithful companion Pili the husky.

Artistic Approach

I combine classic and modern photographic processes and use black and white analogue film capture for its exceptional ability to depersonalize reality. For Northern Exile, I chose a medium format rotating panoramic camera for the remarkable way it interprets wide horizontal landscapes. The camera is also capable of capturing extreme amounts of detail and every effort throughout the process has been made to retain it including the use of an PMT drum scanner. The final prints are very large and printed with a large format industrial printer I converted to use with custom blended shades of pure monochromatic carbon pigment inks.

Northern Exile

The hood of a school bus emerging from a snowbank. A passenger jet parked in the middle of nowhere. Snowmobiles disappearing into the fog. The thick smoke from a diesel generator keeping a village alive. These are only a few of the visual dichotomies of Canada’s Northern territories. Northern Exile examines the beautiful yet visually jarring landscapes of the Nunavik region in northern Quebec, their undergoing transformation over the last century, and questions man’s precarious dominance over nature in the far north.