Patrick Nunziata

In pursuit of a perception that will elicit an enduringly curious response; a way of seeing that is as much familiar as it is new. In most cases withholding the purpose of every gesture, with a field of visual cues that celebrates the interval between marks.

Colourfully vague sublimation of popular icons pervert, twist and obscure their way into spirits. The paint seeks to tempt an active question in oneself. Coaxing viewers to the edge of familiarity, clicking into place only then to slip back to the tip of your tongue. I seek to capture nuances from our present , recent and distant past. Mashing and remixing them into an enigmatic blend of feeling that improves visual acuity and stimulates a creative way of looking.

Patrick Nunziata (B.1992) is a visual artist & designer specializing in abstract painting. He founded & operates ; a lifestyle line of fine art products, everything is original & made out of cuts from original paintings.

Patrick’s artwork celebrates movement, abstraction & figuration in an enigmatic blend of marks. These licks from a paintbrush (although cured) maintain an enduring flow in his work. Through figuration, landscape & movement at its core, Patrick’s work continues to challenge & entertain.