Living and working in Montreal, Anna Marous became a medical doctor while forging a parallel path as a Painter. In the arts, she studied at the Visual Arts Center in Westmount, at l’Atelier Circulaire in Montreal and through private mentorships. She worked for many years throughout her twenties and thirties in an emergency setting. She has been pursuing art professionally in the last few years.

Anna Marous has travelled greatly as a child and an adult and the themes of journey, travel, discovery and world culture are ever-present in her work. Her playful and bold style is expressed in whimsical semi-abstract paintings that have a colourful palette and a unique decorative touch. Her style incorporates classic mixed with contemporary, almost neo-expressionist at times but always filled with atmosphere, sensitivity, joy and beauty. Her versatility in life transposes itself in her work as she approaches different subjects with a range of ability and technique. Her lines, shapes and brushwork are  mostly natural and organic and give us a clear, sensual feel of her love for craftsmanship.

Marous incessantly explores modernist and contemporary art. Some of her main influences are Raoul Dufy, Toulouse-Lautrec, Picasso, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, as well as contemorary artists like Marlene Dumas, and Matthew Wong.

 Anna Marous speaks about painting in this way:

“Art is freedom. It is a never-ending conversation. If you summon the courage, painting offers the possibility to discover where your intuitions lead you, free from constraints other than those brought about by your medium and surface. It is a dance of the encounter with paint–a dance where you get drawn in so deep, and you hope to catch the hand of the viewer.

Exhibitions Favorite artworks of the week Sept 13 th 2021, Collection curated by chief curator Rebecca Wilson. “The Market at Sint Maarten”.

“Favorite Landscapes exhibition” on Spring 2021.[]=paysage_287

2021 Sept 9 th – 15 th, Special selection in the Racines d’argile exhibition. McClure Gallery.

Exhibition on : “Curator’s Pick, best contemporary art”. For paintings: 1)”El Gato in Paris”, 2)”Village Above the Clouds”, 3)”The Pink and Blue Room”. Spring 2021

2021, “Mimosa Bouquet” in Best from Quebec Artists, on

2021, “A Walk Under the Orange Lights”, Best small artwork, on

2021 Beaconsfield Art Association, ” For the Love of Art”

Solo exhibition, Baie D’Urfé cultural center 2019-2020

Mc Clure Gallery group exhbition 2020

Mc Clure Gallery group exhibition 2019