Christina Lovisa


Feeling the privilege of art-making is what drives the playful, often soulful paintings of Christina Lovisa. Drinking in the fuel of exploration, she produces large bodies of mixed media and encaustic work which emerge from “waves of inspiration”. Found-objects, obscure images and fragments of text are likely to influence a new series of work as she attempts to decode the mystery from their unrecorded history, leaving the viewer to formulate the story for themselves. After all, don’t we all feel the need to know the story?


Christina Lovisa made the career move from dental hygienist to Mixed Media Artist in 1999. Lovisa is self-taught and continues to strengthen her knowledge of materials and mediums through independent studies. Over the past ten years, she has become proficient in encaustic art and has published a DIY book entitled, Two Worlds Collide. Lovisa’s work is represented by the Alpha Gallery of Ottawa, Canada as well as various international galleries. Her original mixed media pieces can be found at Cirque du Soleil’s, MJ ONE boutique in Las Vegas.