Bauhaus Pop Artist

Ever wonder what happens to a child with a Swiss, master sculptor father in the haus? Well, he learns creativity, simplicity and beauty then spends the rest of his life trying to express it in his own unique voice.

BEX was born in the late sixties in Montreal to a Swiss dad and a Polish mom whose love of rebellion, creativity and beauty molded his mind, engulfed his soul and guided his hand.

His art education would happen at home, watching his dad, doodling on rainy days and visiting museums in Canada and Switzerland. But mostly it was in how his father taught him how to see the world… simply. The world is complex and at times complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. By carving away at it you can see something simply beautiful and share it so that others may see it too.

Over the years he evolved from a sketcher, to a painter, to an artist… to a Bauhaus Pop artist. Though to be honest, he was always Bauhaus Pop, he just had to take the time to carve away all his complexes and complications. Then all he had to do was to create something completely new, but totally familiar!

BEX has had shows in Montreal, Ottawa and New York and they were all awesum, but what is being shown now is simply beautiful and needs to be seen.

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