La Galerie Alpha se veut aux premières loges de la «renaissance des arts» post-COVID

Yves Bergeras
Le Droit

Entendant bien «prouver que le confinement n’a pas eu la peau de la culture», la galerie Alpha, à Ottawa, souligne sa réouverture en organisant deux vernissages.

À l’heure de «célébrer la renaissance de l’Art », la galerie Alpha rouvre ses portes au public, ce jeudi 18 juin à 16h, en tenant un premier vernissage qui se prolongera jusqu’à 21h.

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Celebrating the Rebirth of Art

Thursday, June 18, 2020     4-9 pm

Limited number of guests; entrance will be secured to respect the 2 meters safety norms.

In addition, our sponsor TopShelf Distillery will provide hand-sanitizers and safe beverages.

Inspiring, soothing and sharing are the powers of Art. The importance of ART has been made increasingly obvious lately.

Throughout self-isolation, Art has been flourishing. It proved to be essential to our lives, as a companion and stimulating factor.

Artists took this revitalizing time to focus on their work and have now come to an uplifting renewal.

At this particular time, it is more important than ever to celebrate life and come together in downtown Ottawa.

Keeping art alive requires the support of our community, connected all together

We are looking forward to celebrating the Rebirth of Art with you.

RSVP to Edith Betkowski – / 
cell : 613-882-8789


Célébrons la Renaissance de l’Art

Jeudi 18 juin 2020.      16h à 21h

Nombre d’invités limité. L’entrée de la galerie sera contrôlée de manière à respecter les normes de distanciation physique de deux mètres.

De plus, notre partenaire TopShelf Distillery offrira du désinfectant pour les mains, ainsi que des boissons individuelles salubres.

Inspiration, émotion et connexion sont les pouvoirs de l’art. L’importance de l’ART dans nos vies s’est accentuée ces derniers temps.

Au cours de ces mois d’isolation sociale, l’Art a prospéré. Il est devenu essentiel à nos vies, en tant que compagnon et facteur de stimulation.

Les artistes ont profité de ce temps revitalisant pour se concentrer sur leur travail et sont de retour, plus inspirés et accomplis.

En ces temps particuliers, il est plus important que jamais de célébrer la vie et de nous réunir dans ce lieu qui nous est cher, dans le centre-ville d’Ottawa. Maintenir l’art en vie requiert le soutien de notre communauté, connectés tous ensemble.

Nous avons hâte de vous accueillir pour célébrer ensemble la Renaissance de l’Art.

RSVP auprès d’Edith Betkowski – / 
tel : 613-882-8789

Alpha Art Gallery proudly presents Nancy Brandsma’s New Horizons

March 6, 2020 (Ottawa, Canada) – From March 4 to March 15, 2020, Alpha Art Gallery presents New Horizons, an exhibition of the latest works of Montreal-born artist Nancy Brandsma. Vernissage to be held on Friday, March 6, 2020 from 5 to 9 PM, in the presence of the Artist.

Born in 1975, Nancy Brandsma began her professional art training in 2003, through the Ottawa School of Art. In 2009, she resigned from an administrative position to pursue her passion for the visual arts, dedicating herself to oil painting. An active member of BRAVO (Bureau des Regroupements des Artistes Visuels de l’Ontario), she has participated in various art projects across Ontario. In 2012, she organized BRAVO-EST participation in Ottawa’s first ever Nuit Blanche with the exhibit “Frenchkiss(er)”. She has shown her work in several galleries and festivals across Ontario and currently paints weekly at Alpha Gallery—as well as in her home studio.

“My main medium is oil paint for its colour richness and slow drying time”, explains Brandsma. “I have often been told that I should switch to acrylic to simplify my impasto technique, but I am determined to continue with oil as did the old masters. My tools are simple: spatulas and forks. After experimenting with various supports and media to supplement the rich textures—reminiscent of icing on a cake, I finally settled for oil mixed with wax on gallery wood panel. The incessantly moving paint strokes are directly from my subconscious mind while the colour is guided by informed choice and intent.”

A Nancy Brandsma painting is like a decadent dish—pleasing to the eye for its colour and texture and to other senses for its taste and aroma. “Everything works together to excite the senses”, says Brandsma. “Often the novel marriage of two simple ingredients creates quite a punch to the senses. My goal is to achieve such a feat.”

“In New Horizons, simplicity is vital”, adds Nancy Brandsma. “Focusing on the monochromatic, without distraction, enabled me to experience a feeling of calm despite the textured sea of endless options.”

Says visual arts expert Yves Larocque*: “What defines for me a real artist is the inherent necessity of creating constantly. Nancy is this person; a real artist in the persevering exploration of the world of forms, colours, and human nature. Nancy is of great talent. Observe and follow her work! You will have very beautiful surprises!”

Alpha Art Gallery is located at 531, Sussex Drive, in Ottawa. For more information, please contact Gallery Director Edith Betkowski at 613-882-8789, 613-241-7671 or


* Prof Yves M. Larocque (Ph.D), Art Instructor, Art Theoretician, Art Historian, and Artist – (B.A. in Art Theory and B.A. in Visual Arts, University of Ottawa, M.A. University of Montréal, DEA and Ph.D. Art History, Université de Paris I, Sorbonne).

Meet Peter Woods, the Ottawa minister who marries jazz and spirituality

If you ask Peter Woods to name some of his heroes, the minister of MacKay United Church in New Edinburgh offers an eclectic response.

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Alpha Art Gallery presents Yvan Genest’s Messages from the North

October 23, 2019 (Ottawa, Canada) – From October 23 to November 10, 2019, Alpha Art Gallery presents Messages from the North, a collection of Yvan Genest‘s recent works. Vernissage to take place on October 24, 2019, from 5 pm to 9 pm, in the presence of the artist.

Exclusively devoted to his art for over 35 years, Yvan Genest shares his time between his studios in Montreal – his home town – and Puerto Vallarta, while remaining very active in the Paris, Los Angeles and Seattle art scenes. His works have attracted an international circle of collectors seduced by the contemporary and timeless strength of his iconography.

For many years, Yvan Genest lived, worked and exhibited in Paris, honing his art with renowned artists. A first trip to Mexico in 1995 led him to discover the profound spirituality of Mexican art. His first exhibition in Puerto Vallarta, in 1998, brought him immediate recognition. His works, which have been featured in more than one hundred solo and public shows in Europe, the United States, Canada and Mexico, today grace hundreds of private and corporate collections around the world.

Yvan Genest’s maverick personality has driven him to explore all paths of visual arts and to develop his unique, shamanic and timeless imagery. His influences are diverse – from Mexican popular culture, Expressionism and modern free-form figurative painting, to specific artists such as Joseph Beuys, Rufino Tamayo and Francis Bacon. To this day, Yvan Genest has created more than 7000 works.

“My art is mystic and expressionist”, explains the artist. “When I paint, I act as an antenna, receiving signals, echoes of past and present living beings. I am strongly influenced by the spirituality left by the populations that migrated through the North American continent for thousands of years. Having lived many years in Mexico, I have been influenced by an iconography inspired by shamanism and old rituals of Central America. In the last year, I have turned my “satellite dish” towards the North – where I spent much time as a youth. As I was painting northern images, day after day, representations of animals, plants and human spirits kept making their way into the canvasses. I just acted as a receptor. The title of this show then became obvious to me: Messages from the North.”

Alpha Art Gallery is located at 531Sussex Drive in Ottawa. For more information, please contact Gallery Director Edith Betkowski, at 613-882-8789, 613-241-7671 or


La Galerie d’art Alpha présente les Messages du Nord d’Yvan Genest

Le 23 octobre 2019 (Ottawa, Canada) – Du 23 octobre au 10 novembre 2019, la Galerie d’art Alpha présente Messages du Nord, une collection des oeuvres récentes d’Yvan Genest. Vernissage le 24 octobre 2019 de 17h à 21h, en présence de l’artiste.

Yvan Genest consacre sa vie à la peinture depuis plus de 35 ans. Il vit et travaille dans son atelier de Montréal, sa ville natale, et celui de Puerto Vallarta où il réside plusieurs mois par année, tout en restant actif sur les scènes artistiques de Paris, Los Angeles et Seattle. Ses œuvres ont attiré un cercle de collectionneurs internationaux séduits par la force contemporaine et intemporelle de son iconographie.

Yvan Genest a longtemps vécu, travaillé et exposé à Paris, perfectionnant son art auprès d’artistes de renom. Un premier voyage au Mexique en 1995 l’a amené à découvrir la profonde spiritualité de l’art mexicain. Sa première exposition à Puerto Vallarta, en 1998, lui a valu une reconnaissance immédiate. Ses œuvres ont fait l’objet de plus d’une centaine d’expositions individuelles et de groupe en Europe, aux États-Unis, au Canada et au Mexique. On les trouve dans des centaines de collections privées et corporatives à travers le monde.

La personnalité non-conformiste d’Yvan Genest l’a amené à explorer toutes les voies des arts visuels et à développer ses images uniques, chamaniques et intemporelles. Ses influences vont de la culture populaire mexicaine à l’expressionnisme, en passant par la peinture figurative moderne de forme libre et d’artistes tels que Joseph Beuys, Rufino Tamayo et Francis Bacon. À ce jour, Yvan Genest a créé plus de 7 000 œuvres.

« Mon art est mystique et expressionniste », explique l’artiste. « Quand je peins, je joue le rôle d’antenne, de pôle de réception de signaux, d’échos provenant des êtres vivants du passé et du présent. Je suis fortement influencé par la spiritualité laissée par les populations qui ont migré à travers le continent nord-américain pendant des milliers d’années. Ayant vécu de nombreuses années au Mexique, j’ai été influencé par une iconographie inspirée du chamanisme et de vieux rituels d’Amérique centrale. Au cours de la dernière année, j’ai tourné mon « antenne parabolique » vers le Grand Nord, où j’ai passé beaucoup de temps dans ma jeunesse. Peignant des images nordiques jour après jour, j’ai vu des représentations d’animaux, de plantes et d’esprits se frayer un chemin dans mes toiles. Le titre de cette exposition m’est alors devenu évident : Messages du Nord. »

La Galerie d’art Alpha se situe au 531, promenade Sussex à Ottawa. Pour plus ample information, veuillez communiquer avec la directrice de la Galerie, Edith Betkowski, au 613-882-8789, au 613-241-7671 ou à


To mark the 100th Anniversary of the Bauhaus, Alpha Art Gallery presents Hundert für 100​, 100 pieces by ​Jean-Pierre BEX

October 1st, 2019 (Ottawa, Canada)​ – ​From October 2 to 20, 2019, Alpha Art Gallery​ will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Bauhaus school of design. Astonishingly, this will be the only public celebration of the famous Gropius brainchild to be held in Ottawa.

To mark the anniversary, ​Alpha​ ​Art Gallery​ will be showcasing the 100 pieces that Swiss-Canadian artist Jean-Pierre BEX​ created to pay homage to some of the most iconic Bauhaus designs. Please join us and the artist on October 3, from 5 pm to 9 pm, for the vernissage of this unique exhibition, entitled ​Hundert für 100 (One hundred for 100)​.

Born in Montreal in 1968, ​BEX​ was introduced to the world of Bauhaus while living in Switzerland. His chance encounter with Paul Klee at the Kunstmuseum in Basel set him on the path to becoming an artist; his love of simple beauty and his love of color set him on the path to becoming a Bauhaus Pop Artist.

BEX​ has had shows in Granby, Magog, Bromont, Montreal, Ottawa and New York City. In 2015, he moved to Ottawa where his Bex Tulip was prominently featured during several Tulip Festivals.

“Simplicity has always been my goal”, says ​BEX​. ” I love to sculpt my drawings to their very essence and then to add generous splashes of colour. I enthusiastically ‘paint’ in pure vinyl colours on lovingly brushed aluminum. “I call my art Bauhaus Pop – Bauhaus for the stripped down industrial feel, and Pop (Art) for the use of pure colour and commercial techniques.”

Alpha Art Gallery​ is located at 531Sussex Drive in Ottawa. For more information, please contact Gallery Director Edith Betkowski, at 613-882-8789, 613-241-7671 or ​​


Pour souligner les 100 ans du Bauhaus, la Galerie d’art Alpha présente Hundert für 100, 100 pièces de Jean-Pierre BEX

Le 1er octobre 2019 (Ottawa, Canada)Du 2 au 20 octobre 2019, la Galerie d’art Alpha célèbre le 100è anniversaire du Bauhaus, la fameuse école de design fondée par Walter Gropius. Étrangement, ce sera la seule célébration publique de ce mouvement à se produire à Ottawa.

Pour marquer cet anniversaire, la Galerie Alpha présente les 100 pièces que l’artiste Helvético-Canadien Jean-Pierre BEX a créées pour rendre hommage à certains des designs les plus célèbres du Bauhaus. Le vernissage de cette exposition très spéciale, intitulée Hundert für 100 (Cent pour 100), aura lieu le 3 octobre de 17h à 21h, en présence de l’artiste.

Né à Montréal en 1968, BEX découvre le Bauhaus alors qu’il vit en Suisse. Une rencontre fortuite avec Paul Klee, au Kunstmuseum de Bâle, le dirigera vers le métier d’artiste; son amour de la couleur et de la pure beauté le dirigera vers le métier d’artiste Pop Bauhaus.

BEX a exposé à Granby, Magog, Bromont, Montréal, Ottawa et New York. En 2015, il s’installe à Ottawa où sa Tulipe Bex sera à l’honneur dans plusieurs éditions du Festival des Tulipes.

« La simplicité a toujours été mon objectif », explique BEX. « J’adore sculpter mes dessins jusqu’à ce que j’atteigne leur essence même, et y ajouter de généreuses touches de couleur. Avec enthousiasme, j’applique des couleurs vinyliques sur des plaques d’aluminium polies avec amour. Je nomme mon art Bauhaus Pop – Bauhaus pour son atmosphère industrielle dépouillée, et Pop (art) pour l’usage de couleurs pures et de techniques commerciales. »

La Galerie d’art Alpha se situe au 531, promenade Sussex à Ottawa. Pour plus ample information, veuillez communiquer avec la directrice de la Galerie, Edith Betkowski, au 613-882-8789, au 613-241-7671 ou à


New art show at Alpha Art Gallery features local artists Luce Marquise and Sylvie Drainville

As the summer fades away and seasons change, Alpha Art Gallery introduces two new exhibitions. Celebrate the diversity of Canadian art and culture at Alpha Art Gallery from September 12 to 29, 2019 with two unique artists who create pieces depicting landscapes and nature.

Alpha Art Gallery presents Thick & Thin, an exhibition of artist Sylvie Drainville’s most recent works. The vernissage took place on Thursday, September 12, 2019 from 5pm to 9pm, in the presence of the artist.

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A great Summer Party hosted by Ottawa Life Magazine with Dan Donovan and Tori McNeely

Great event for the community and public to enjoy time and culture in Ottawa , featuring:
– New Art Show by artist Stefanie Leigh Kirby
– Live Music by “The New Oldies”
– Finger food
– drinks sponsored by “Blackfly”
FREE Event

The painterly gestures of an unruly gardener
As a young person, Stefanie Leigh Kirby dreamt of being a professional dancer, but like so many youthful dreams of passionate pursuits, Stefanie found herself facing reality.

Stefanie worked hard to learn the intricacies of contemporary jazz, but a kindly, forthright dance instructor told her that she just didn’t have what a dancer required to warrant the arduous commitment.

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Dominik Sokolowski Celebrates “The Great White North of Canada”

Dominik Sokolowski has been gracing the Ottawa-Gatineau art scene with his work for years now, but his new work is taking things to a whole new level.

Even though this Polish-born artist is not Canadian by birth, Sokolowski primarily calls Canada — more specifically, Quebec — his home. His unique style of integrating several types of media and found objects, and his iconic square-centric work, has been featured in exhibits in both Canada and France.

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At Alpha Art Gallery, Dominik SOKOLOWSKI‘s “Vision” of the Arctic

June 7, 2019 (Ottawa, Canada) – Does Art imitate Nature? Be that as it may, the latter has an undeniable inspiring effect on prolific Canadian artist Dominik SOKOLOWSKI. But what a difference between the artist’s new exhibition and his previous works, known for their vivid, colourful, geometric energy! Gone (for now?) are the typical “squares”, a hallmark of the artist’s work of the last few years.

Entitled “The Great White North of Canada”, SOKOLOWSKI‘s new exhibition will run from June 12 to 30, 2019, with a red-carpet vernissage to be held on June 13 from 5pm to 9pm. The exhibition showcases 32 new works – including a huge, 9’x18’ composition – in which SOKOLOWSKI endeavoured to capture and interpret the mythical ambiance of Northern winters. The artist wanted to portrait this season not as a ‘monster’ but rather as a meditative, calm and soothing experience.

The strength and originality of these new works reside in their intense, sculptural textures and their minimalistic colour touches – indigo, navy, grey, granite, nightshade – all mixed to create a serene evocation of the dark northern nights. In his daylight scenes, SOKOLOWSKI’s ‘white’ is never quite white. The works let the blues, yellows and pinks of the sun shine through, turning the paintings into layers upon layers of textured vastness, distilling the spirit of the Tundra.

Speaking about his monumental, 9’x18′ work, SOKOLOWSKI says: “Ideally, small and sensible pieces should not even exist when presenting and expressing the vast and the inexhaustible subject of Canada’s North. There is nothing small nor sensible about the tundra!”

“The Great White North of Canada” is SOKOLOWSKI’s latest hymn to our beautiful, extraordinary country!

Alpha Art Gallery is located at 531Sussex Drive in Ottawa. For more information, please contact Gallery Director Edith Betkowski, at 613-882-8789, 613-241-7671 or

À la Galerie d’art Alpha, l’Arctique “vu” par Dominik SOKOLOWSKI

Le 7 juin 2019 (Ottawa, Canada) – L’art imite-t-il la nature ? En tout cas, l’influence de cette dernière sur le prolifique artiste canadien Dominik SOKOLOWSKI est indéniable. Mais dans cette nouvelle exposition, quelle différence avec les précédentes oeuvres de l’artiste, connu jusqu’ici pour ses oeuvres géométriques, colorées et énergiques ! Disparus (pour le moment ?), les “carrés” caractéristiques de l’oeuvre du peintre depuis quelques années.

Intitulée « Le Grand Nord du Canada », la nouvelle exposition de SOKOLOWSKI est visible du 12 au 30 juin 2019, avec vernissage le 13 juin de 17h à 21h. La collection comprend 32 oeuvres nouvelles, y compris une immense composition de 9’x18′, dans lesquelles SOKOLOWSKI s’est attaché à capturer et à interpréter l’ambiance mythique des hivers nordiques. L’artiste désirait décrire cette saison non pas comme ‘monstrueuse’ mais plutôt comme une expérience méditative, calme et apaisante.

Ce qui confère puissance et originalité à ces oeuvres nouvelles, ce sont les textures marquées, quasi-sculpturales, et leur palette minimaliste – indigo, bleu marine, gris, granite – qui évoque la sérénité des nuits boréales. Dans ses scènes diurnes, les ‘blancs’ de SOKOLOWSKI ne sont jamais tout à fait blancs. Ces oeuvres à la pâte épaisse et texturée, laissant filtrer les bleus, les jaunes et les roses de la lumière solaire, évoquent avec puissance l’esprit de la Toundra.

Évoquant son oeuvre monumentale de 9’x18′, SOKOLOWSKI de déclarer : « Idéalement, il ne faudrait pas peindre d’oeuvres petites et sensées pour représenter et exprimer le vaste et inépuisable sujet que représente le Grand Nord canadien. La toundra, ce n’est ni petit ni raisonnable »

“The Great White North of Canada”, c’est l’hymne le plus récent de SOKOLOWSKI à notre beau et merveilleux pays.

La Galerie d’art Alpha se situe au 531, promenade Sussex à Ottawa. Pour plus ample information, veuillez communiquer avec la directrice de la Galerie, Edith Betkowski, au 613-882-8789, au 613-241-7671 ou à

Icelandic-Canadian musician, Lindy Vopnfjörd, to launch new album at Alpha Art Gallery

Icelandic-Canadian musician, Lindy Vopnfjörd, will launch his latest album You Will Know When It’s Right at Alpha Art Gallery this Friday! With poetic and emotional music, Vopnfjörd distills human experience into the vital emotions that define a moment so crisply, and memorably.

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The art of showing a Sokolowski

© Anon A Netflix film

Love + Peace 2018

Ottawa’s Alpha Art Gallery presents LOVE + PEACE 2018, Dominik SOKOLOWSKI’s New Series of Heart-Themed Works

Exhibition from February 14th to March 4th, 2018

Vernissage Thursday February 15th, 2018, 6-9pm

OTTAWA, February 14, 2018 – Alpha Art Gallery owner Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski and her life partner and artist Dominik SOKOLOWSKI cannot resist the call of love. From February 14 to 18, 2018, the Gallery will be showing a brand new series of SOKOLOWSKI’s famous heart-themed canvasses. Vernissage to be held on February 15 from 6pm to 9pm.

Says Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski: “The whole event stems from our desire to give something back to our friends, followers and community for the hope, support and opportunities they have given us over the years, and to celebrate, through artistic expression, humanity’s most desired state: love and peace, without which we are nothing.”

The 2016 “Love and Peace” event, gala and exhibition – including the now famous “bed-in” – was a huge public success, with over 50 Hearts paintings sold. Since then, collectors and followers never stopped asking artist SOKOLOWSKI to create more of those Hearts to spread love; this continuation of the original “Love and Peace” series is the artist’s response, a celebration of life, peace and altruism. Many of the new paintings are dedicated to such icons, creators and game-changers as Oprah Winfrey, Coco Chanel, David Bowie, Elon Musk, John Lennon, etc.

Says SOKOLOWSKI: “What keeps me inspired is the idealistic belief, promoted in the 60’s by John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s creative music and actions, that love and altruism can change the world, notably as a promoter of peace.”

Almost as famous as SOKOLOWSKI’s 2016 Hearts series was the 11-day “bed-in” he and Edith Betkowski held that year. That is why, bowing to popular demand, the SOKOLOWSKIs will stage another bed-in, beginning February 14 at 10pm and ending on Sunday, February 18. The bed-in is sponsored by Byward Market’s Mezzanotte Bistro Italiano. For the duration of the five-day live installation, the public and the media are encouraged to visit the gallery, take part in discussions and share their hopes and ideas.

Located at 25 Murray Street, Ottawa Alpha Art Gallery is a multifunctional exhibition, meeting and working venue where art lovers and collectors are able to get close to the works of aspiring and established artists from Canada and abroad – and to the artists themselves.

For more information, please contact Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski at 613-882-8789 or, or Alpha Art Gallery at 613-241-7671.


La Galerie d’art Alpha présente AMOUR + PAIX 2018, la nouvelle série de coeurs de Dominik SOKOLOWSKI

Exposition du 14 février au 4 mars 2018

Vernissage Jeudi le 15 février 2018, 18h-21h

OTTAWA, 14 février 2018 – La propriétaire de la Galerie d’art Alpha, Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski, et le peintre Dominik SOKOLOWSKI ne peuvent pas résister à l’appel de l’amour. Du 14 au 18 février 2018, la Galerie présente une toute nouvelle série de tableaux de SOKOLOWSKI, inspirés par le thème du coeur. Le vernissage aura lieu le 15 février 2018 de 18h à 21h.

« Ce qui nous inspire et nous stimule, c’est l’envie de remercier nos amis et notre communauté pour l’espoir, l’appui et les occasions qu’ils nous ont si généreusement données au fil des ans », déclare Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski, « et de célébrer, par l’expression artistique, ce que l’humanité désire le plus : l’amour et la paix, sans lesquels nous ne sommes rien. »

L’évènement, le Gala et l’exposition de 2016 – y compris le fameux « bed-in » – ont eu un succès retentissant auprès du public : près de 50 tableaux ont été vendus. Depuis, collectionneurs et amis de la Galerie n’ont jamais cessé de demander à SOKOLOWSKI de peindre d’autres coeurs; cette suite de la série originelle « Amour et paix » est la réponse de l’artiste qui célèbre ainsi la vie, la paix et l’altruisme. Plusieurs des nouvelles peintures sont un hommage aux créateurs, innovateurs et icônes de notre temps : Oprah Winfrey, Coco Chanel, David Bowie, Elon Musk, John Lennon, etc.

« Mon inspiration », déclare SOKOLOWSKI, « a pour origine la croyance idéaliste, exprimée avec tant de créativité dans la musique et les actions de John Lennon et Yoko Ono dans les années 60, que l’amour et l’altruisme peuvent changer le monde et promouvoir la paix. »

En 2016, le « bed-in » de 11 jours de SOKOLOWSKI et Edith Betkowski avait été presque aussi célébré que les coeurs peints par l’artiste. Comme le public et les médias en redemandaient, les SOKOLOWSKIS ont décidé d’en organiser un autre, qui se déroulera du 14 février à 22h au 18 février. Le bed-in est commandité par le Mezzanotte Bistro Italiano de la rue Murray à Ottawa.

Pendant la durée de l’installation, le public et les médias sont fortement encouragés à visiter la galerie, à participer aux discussions et à partager leurs espoirs et leurs idées.

Située au 25 rue Murray, à Ottawa, la Galerie d’art Alpha est un espace multifonctionnel où les amateurs et les collectionneurs d’art peuvent admirer de près les œuvres d’artistes en herbe ou plus connus, œuvrant au Canada ou à l’étranger, et interagir avec ces artistes.

Pour plus ample information, veuillez communiquer avec Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski au 613-882-8789 ou à, ou avec la Galerie d’art Alpha au 613-241-7671.

Canada Four Seasons | Quatre saisons du Canada Upcoming Exhibition by Dominik Sokolowski

Martin Rondeau Vernissage Thursday February 16th, 2017, 6-9pm

Solo exhibition from February 15th, 2017

Act of FATEOR (confession) enables man to confront his passions and desires head on, freeing him from his inhibitions and opening him up to self-reflection. It is only through the letting-go of suffering and our fixationon the past that we can experiance the infinite present, the moment of eternity when everything is illuminated and becomes just.
Artist and Photographer, Martin Rondeau, explores these paradoxical themes through the haunting and seductive pieces in his new series of work.
But why is it that man is often sofiercely compelled to confess? Perhapes it is that our repressed emotions can become so overpowering that they must be translated into words or images in order to escape. It is through the catharsis of confession that we cese to suffocate ourselves emotionally. It is through confession that we can begin to heal.
by Stéphane Le Duc

Mathieu Laca Vernissage Saturday October 29th 2016, 4-9pm

Solo exhibition from October 28th to November 20th, 2016

Mathieu Laca will exhibit over twenty new paintings showing his mastery of portraiture at Alpha Art Gallery in Ottawa. But it has nothing to do with conventional portraits. The artist cares very little about resemblance. If he evokes historical icons and artists of the past, members of his informal pantheon, it’s as much to pay tribute as to vandalize visually. His process includes abstract digressions, monstrous impasto, unpredictable spatters. The result stands as invigorating totems of culture, mad faces in front of the existential nothingness.

Vernissage de Mathieu Laca samedi le 29 octobre 2016, 16h-21h

Exposition du 28 octobre au 20 novembre 2016

Mathieu Laca exposera à la galerie Alpha à Ottawa une série d’une vingtaine de nouvelles toiles démontrant toute sa maîtrise du portrait. Mais attention, il ne s’agit pas de portraits conventionnels. L’artiste s’intéresse peu à la ressemblance. S’il évoque les personnages historiques et les artistes de son panthéon personnel, c’est afin de creuser les apparences et d’en puiser de multiples digressions abstraites, des empâtements monstrueux, des éclaboussures fantasques. Son art se situe à la frontière de l’hommage et de l’irrévérence. Ses portraits s’articulent comme autant de totems vivifiants à la culture, visages hallucinés face au néant existentiel.

The Art of World Peace

Ottawa Life Magazine | January 22, 2016
Feature image
Edith Betkowski and Dominik Sokolowski in front of the artist’s Heart painting. Photo by Eric Murphy. 

From February 10 to 21, Alpha Art Gallery is completely dedicating its walls, and plenty of the floor, to love. In their Love and Peace exhibit, gallery owner Edith Betkowski and artist Dominik Sokolowski will spend 11 days and nights on a bed they’ve set up in the gallery, surrounded by Sokolowski’s meticulously detailed heart paintings.

The first day of Lennon and Ono’s Amsterdam Bed-in. Photo courtesy of WikiMedia Commons
This living exhibit is inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s two 1969 ‘Bed-ins,’ where the couple famously spent a week in bed, first in Amsterdam, then in Montreal.
Alpha’s Bed-in is also meant to be a message of peace, and Betkowski argues that symbols like that are as relevant now as they were in 1969.

“How, with all our education and experience, we’re still not able to keep the globe at peace?” she asks. The exhibit’s living element is also something Ottawans often miss out on in the art world.

“Nobody has ever seen anything like that in Ottawa,” Betkowski notes. “Why not bring art to the level of New York, where they have performance art all the time?”

The gallery owner is adamant that there will be no cheating in the exhibit. All their meals will be brought to the couple in bed, and they are only leaving for two nights. The first will be on the 12th, to attend a Valentine Gala Betkowski has been organizing at the Museum of History – more on that later – and the second night will be to go dancing at the Mercury Lounge.

“They also have a bed for us there,” Betkowski points out.

Edith Betkowski and Dominik Sokolowski will spend 11 days and nights on a bed in the Alpha Art Gallery.

The bed-in is only one aspect of the Love and Peace exhibit. Alpha will also host a number of poets and guest speakers who will discuss love, and of course, there will be the hearts.

Sokolowski’s heart paintings are a more detailed take on his geometrical style that emphasizes colour and found objects. During the gallery’s press conference there was only one heart painting from Sokolowski’s collection on display, but promotional photos suggest the hearts will come in a wide range of sizes and colour schemes.

Although it’s easy to see hearts as kitschy, especially around Valentine’s Day, Sokolowski elevates the symbol with the gorgeous fields of colour and the found items. Each work holds an incredible collection of tiny objects from the artists’ life. There are lines of pins from a clothesline, pieces of Edith’s sewing machine, gifts from friends, comic book pages and lego men. These items are artifacts from Sokolowski’s life and many represent his connection with the people he loves.

“Every time I lose an earring the second one goes automatically on the painting,” Betkowski laughs. “I have to really watch my buttons. If I lose one before I have a chance to sew it on it’s already on a painting.”

A fish-bone a friend gave to Sokolowski. Photo by Eric Murphy.

Found items in Sokolowski’s ‘Heart’ painting. Photo by Eric Murphy.

Sokolowski’s ‘Heart’ Painting. Photo courtesy of Alpha Art Gallery.

 A close-up of the ‘Heart’ painting. Photo by Eric Murphy.

Sokolowski’s painting above the gallery bed. Photo by Eric Murphy.

By adding these real pieces from his life, Sokolowski turns each painting into an autobiography, and elevates the once-stale heart symbol. Trust me, if the works start off looking kitschy at all, take a few steps closer.

Dominik Sokolowski turns 40 next month, so in celebration of the milestone, he’s painting 40 hearts. 37 of them will be up for sale in the gallery, and he’s donating three to CHEO. Those three extra paintings, which in honour of the CHEO teddy logo are named papa-bear, mama-bear and baby-bear, will be auctioned off at the Valentine Gala, with 100 per cent of the money raised going to the children’s hospital.

Organizing the non-profit gala is a big way for Betkowski to give back to CHEO. Over the last 20 years, she’s spent far too much time there. When Betkowski’s daughter was born, the girl suffered from heart failure. A serious heart surgery left her in a coma for five weeks, and she’s since had more work done on her spine and foot.

“Facing a dying child on life support, five weeks in a coma, when everyday you don’t know what’s going to happen next…you realize how fragile life is,” Betkowski says. “How quickly it can be taken away by war, by sickness.”

Although war and sickness may seem like impossible opponents, Betkowski and her husband are doing what they can to fight them next month. The fundraising gala is practical as the bed-in is idealistic, and both are worth the visit.

Tickets for the gala are $200 per person. The event will take place on February 12, three days into the Love and Peace exhibit. If you want to have a chat with Betkowski or Sokolowski you’ll be able to find them on their bed in the Alpha Art Gallery from the 10th to the 21st. You can find out more about both events at
Written by: Eric Murphy on January 22, 2016.Author: Eric Murphy is the web copy editor at Ottawa Life Magazine. A Carleton Journalism grad, he has a passion for local art, food and artistic food. You can find him at @e_emurphy or


February 12, 2016 · 7pm – 2am

You are invited to a sensational evening of art, culture and experience. This sumptuous gala at the Museum of History is the climax of SOKOLOWSKI’s eleven-day exhibit Love and Peace, February 10-21, 2016 at the Alpha Art Gallery, 25 Murray Street, Ottawa.

With his 40th birthday this February, SOKOLOWSKI is painting 40 Hearts to celebrate humanity’s most desired state: love + peace, without which we are nothing.

In a desire to give back, Sokolowski will donate three of his signature Hearts paintings — papa-bear, mama-bear, baby-bear — to be auctioned during the dinner on February 12. Of the money raised,100% will be donated to the CHEO Foundation.

Inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s creativity, music and idealistic belief that love can change the world, SOKOLOWSKI pays homage to their work. SOKOLOWSKI + ONA (the Polish word for she) is an eleven-day, live installation during his exhibit Love and Peace.

Evocative of John and Yoko’s Bed-in for Peace, SOKOLOWSKI and his wife Edith will pay tribute with a dramatic performance art event. The couple will reside for eleven days and nights in their bed at the gallery, surrounded by the enigmatic paintings of the Hearts.

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world.
– Imagine by John Lennon

For the duration of the eleven-day live installation, media, public speakers and guests are encouraged to visit the gallery and take part in discussions and sharing their ideas. SOKOLOWSKI’s hope is to inspire the community — both local and international — to pause and to reflect on what is truly important: love + peace. This is a desire to shift the energy of the world, moving our attitude and hearts towards love, peace, giving, sharing and saving the planet and our humanity.

The artist wants to remind us that no matter how successful we are or how much money we have, when faced with sickness we turn into helpless and humble creatures. We must remember to support each other.

We encourage you to join us in giving back. Donate to a cause that is close to your heart.

Special guests to be revealed

Stay tuned to learn the identity of our very special guests. Visit for up-to-the-minute, breaking news.

The Details

Join us to celebrate love at the Valentine Gala in the main hall of the Canadian Museum of History. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at Alpha Art Gallery, 613.882.8789.

Tickets: $200 per person
Location: Canadian Museum of History, 100 Laurier Street, Gatineau, QC
Underground parking available at a cost of $6 for the evening
Elegant dress — don’t be shy to be creative and artistic

The Program

7 pm
Welcome by event hostess, Edith Sokolowski

Jazz performance by Quebec singer France Maisonneuve, with complimentary champagne, recommended by world-renowned sommelier, Veronique Rivest

Appearance by our guests of honour – TBA

8 to 10 pm
Four-course, gourmet dinner catered by La Distinction, with by wine pairings sponsored by Liane Côte (E&J Gallo Winery Canada) and Veronique Rivest (Soif | Bar à Vin)

Auction of SOKOLOWSKI’s Hearts paintings in support of the CHEO Foundation 

11pm to 2am
Dance to the lively, energetic Ottawa band “SWAY”
Take-home goody bag, with gifts donated by local businesses.