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l’ineffable* solo exhibition by Marie-Josée Roy

Alpha Art Gallery is delighted to present the new works of artist Marie-Josée Roy. The exhibition will run from September 21 to October 27, 2016 at Alpha’s premises at 25 Murray Street in Ottawa. Vernissage to take place on September 22 from 5pm to 9pm in the presence of the artist.

Showing some twenty works – paintings and sculptures – this exhibition is an incursion into the invisible world of sensations, impressions, intuitions and perceptions: that which cannot be expressed with words, that ineffable space where the mind and heart discover a wordless language.

First gaining popularity within Montreal’s underground art scene, Marie-Josée Roy has established herself as a successful artist on the Canadian scene. Roy works as a painter and sculptor, choosing metal as her primary material. She has focused her artistic approach on breathing life into this otherwise inert medium.

Marie-Josée Roy doesn’t use words to reach us. Through her paintings on metal – combining techniques ranging from photography, image transfer, painting, oil inks, etching and engraving – and her cast, welded or forged metal sculptures, she makes the metal speak to us and awaken the inexpressible within us. And we respond.

Marie-Josée Roy feels metal as though it were a second skin. An armour, more suggested than real. Her expression is physical, not only because working with metal requires strength: she’s physical, period. Through intense images – straight from the gut, emotional innocence and humility, through fire and metal, through heat and cold, Marie-Josée Roy brings out the soul and language of matter.

The artist has exhibited her works in several Canadian cities (including Toronto), the United States (Boston, New York), Europe and Australia.

For more information, please contact Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski at 613-882-8789, at, or Alpha Art Gallery at 613-241-7671.

* ineffable – adjective
That cannot be expressed or described in words.

Exposition de l’ineffable* par Marie-Josée Roy

La Galerie d’art Alpha est heureuse de vous présenter la toute nouvelle exposition de l’artiste Marie-Josée Roy, que vous pourrez apprécier du 29 septembre au 16 octobre 2016 dans l’espace Alpha au 25 rue Murray, à Ottawa. Le vernissage aura lieu le 29 septembre de 17h à 21h, en présence de l’artiste.

Composée d’une vingtaine d’œuvres – peintures et sculptures – cette exposition se veut une incursion dans le monde invisible de la sensation, de l’impression, de l’intuition, et de la perception : tout ce qui ne s’exprime pas par le mot, cet ineffable espace ou le coeur et l’esprit plongent dans un langage sans mot.

Ayant d’abord fait ses preuves dans le milieu artistique underground de Montréal, Marie-Josée Roy est aujourd’hui une artiste reconnue dans l’ensemble du Canada. À la fois artiste peintre et sculpteure, elle a choisi le métal comme matière de prédilection. Sa démarche artistique : insuffler de la vie dans cette matière inerte qu’elle a faite sienne.

Marie-Josée Roy nous parle sans les mots. Elle fait parler le métal, éveillant l’indicible qui est en nous. Elle nous parle avec ses peintures sur métal, alliant photographie, transfert d’image, encre à l’huile et gravure, et avec ses sculptures métalliques forgées, soudées ou coulées… Et nous, nous répondons.

Marie-Josée Roy ressent le métal comme s’il était devenu une seconde peau. Une armure, le murmure d’une armure. Son expression est physique, et pas seulement parce que travailler le métal demande de la force; elle est physique, point. Images intenses et venant du ventre, candeur affective et humilité… Par le feu et le métal, par le chaud et le froid, Marie-Josée Roy extériorise le coeur et le langage de la matière.

L’artiste a exposé dans de nombreuses villes à travers le Canada (notamment à Toronto), aux États-Unis (Boston, New York), en Europe et en Australie.

Pour plus ample information, veuillez communiquer avec Edith Betkowski-Sokolowski, au 613-882-8789,, ou à la Galerie d’art Alpha au 613-241-7671.


* ineffable – adjectif
1. Qu’on ne peut ni exprimer ni décrire en mots.






February 12, 2016 · 7pm – 2am

You are invited to a sensational evening of art, culture and experience. This sumptuous gala at the Museum of History is the climax of SOKOLOWSKI’s eleven-day exhibit Love and Peace, February 10-21, 2016 at the Alpha Art Gallery, 25 Murray Street, Ottawa.

With his 40th birthday this February, SOKOLOWSKI is painting 40 Hearts to celebrate humanity’s most desired state: love + peace, without which we are nothing.

In a desire to give back, Sokolowski will donate three of his signature Hearts paintings — papa-bear, mama-bear, baby-bear — to be auctioned during the dinner on February 12. Of the money raised, 100% will be donated to the CHEO Foundation.

Inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s creativity, music and idealistic belief that love can change the world, SOKOLOWSKI pays homage to their work.SOKOLOWSKI + ONA (the Polish word for she) is an eleven-day, live installation during his exhibit Love and Peace.

Evocative of John and Yoko’s Bed-in for Peace, SOKOLOWSKI and his wife Edith will pay tribute with a dramatic performance art event. The couple will reside for eleven days and nights in their bed at the gallery, surrounded by the enigmatic paintings of the Hearts.

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world.
– Imagine by John Lennon

For the duration of the eleven-day live installation, media, public speakers and guests are encouraged to visit the gallery and take part in discussions and sharing their ideas. SOKOLOWSKI’s hope is to inspire the community — both local and international — to pause and to reflect on what is truly important: love + peace. This is a desire to shift the energy of the world, moving our attitude and hearts towards love, peace, giving, sharing and saving the planet and our humanity.

The artist wants to remind us that no matter how successful we are or how much money we have, when faced with sickness we turn into helpless and humble creatures. We must remember to support each other.

We encourage you to join us in giving back. Donate to a cause that is close to your heart.

Special guests to be revealed

Stay tuned to learn the identity of our very special guests. Visit for up-to-the-minute, breaking news.

The Details

Join us to celebrate love at the Valentine Gala in the main hall of the Canadian Museum of History. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at Alpha Art Gallery, 613.882.8789.

Tickets: $200 per person
Location: Canadian Museum of History, 100 Laurier Street, Gatineau, QC
Underground parking available at a cost of $6 for the evening
Elegant dress — don’t be shy to be creative and artistic


The Program

7 pm
Welcome by event hostess, Edith Sokolowski

Jazz performance by Quebec singer France Maisonneuve, with complimentary champagne, recommended by world-renowned sommelier, Veronique Rivest

Appearance by our guests of honour – TBA

8 to 10 pm
Four-course, gourmet dinner catered by La Distinction, with by wine pairings sponsored by Liane Côte (E&J Gallo Winery Canada) and Veronique Rivest (Soif | Bar à Vin)

Auction of SOKOLOWSKI’s Hearts paintings in support of the CHEO Foundation 

11pm to 2am
Dance to the lively, energetic Ottawa band “SWAY”
Take-home goody bag, with gifts donated by local businesses.