Born in Trois Riveres and educated at the University of Quebec, Marie-Joseé Roy has established herself as successful artist on the Canadian scene after first gaining popularity within Montreal’s underground art scene. Roy works as both a painter and sculptor employing metal as her primary material. She has focused her artistic approach on breathing life into this otherwise defunct medium. Forcing herself to explore the inherently cold, hard lines of metal, Roy is challenged to use her techniques in such a way that one can relate to this otherwise eternally static medium. Using forged iron, stainless steel, wood and ink, Roy has found an outlet that allows her to fully engage in a completely unique form of individual creativity.

Through use of etching, welding, engraving and image transfer, Roy’s images look as if they are sitting just below the surface, waiting for someone, or something, to set them free of their metal bounds. Taking inspiration from her own life, elements of her childhood, friends, family and lovers all surface in her works as part of a collective dialogue which is directed towards a pointed question: what makes us the way we are? Symbolically clothed in images referring back to the Romantic and Renaissance time periods, these conceptual skins are meant to evoke the idea of our own personally ingrained histories, each as individual as our finger prints.

The viewer is meant to relate to Roy’s execution of the human form. Both her sculptures and paintings have the ability to evoke happenings in the pasts of their audience: inability to move forward, metaphorical armour, love and fear. Her sculptures reinterpret the two dimensionality of her paintings and evoke such human feelings and movement that it seems only appropriate they dangle delicately just above the ground, swaying with the current of any passing breeze.

Though metal has the potential to expel a sense of cool distance, Roy insists that her works are the product of a spontaneous and loving creative space. Her art is a result of heart, body and soul working together in order to manifest a physical depiction of her creative mind.

“That which distinguishes my work is my monochrome art pieces and the way which I utilize metal. My universe is becoming more and more poetic as well as symbolic. My creative space is not one that holds limits but one that is in constant movement. It is very spontaneous, intuitive, and loving. My heart, soul, and body are all at work in unison.” – Marie-Joseé Roy