Art gives soulfulness to life, deepens its spiritual dimension and refines it through the experience of aesthetic pleasure. To stand before a work of art is to feel one of life’s greatest mysteries – the power and beauty of creative expression. Such experiences are afforded to the patrons of visual art by Alpha Gallery, located in the heart of Canada’s capital at 531 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, ON.

This gem of a gallery exhibits masterful creations of Canadian artists, such as Sokolowski, Coulombe, Tina Cartier, Bex, and Dego. However, what makes this gallery unique is the fact that its owners, Edith Betkowski the Owner and Director , together with her artist husband Dominik Sokolowski are more than just noble champions of visual art. In an ambiance imbued with warm hospitality, sparkling conversations, and delectable refreshments, Edith and Dominik host classical and jazz music concerts, literary salons and book launches promoting and sponsoring Canadian culture.

The blend of pulsating colours on the wall, sensual piano notes, and book excerpts read by local actors turns every evening at this cultural oasis into a memorable experience. Moreover, events organized by Alpha Gallery continually enrich the community, raise the profile and visibility of artists, musicians and authors, and in turn, attract a generous support and involvement from local businesses like restaurants, gourmet chefs and sommeliers and distilleries.

by Jana Begovic


Opened in May of 2015, Alpha Art Gallery has been an exciting addition to the Ottawa art and culture scene.

Located just a few blocks from the National Gallery of Canada in The Byward Market at 531 Sussex Drive, Alpha Art Gallery’s primary focus is on exhibiting the work of Canadian artists.

What really sets Alpha apart is its role in the cultural community. Not wanting to limit themselves strictly to showcasing contemporary art, Alpha also serves as a meeting place for the public and artists to connect. Poets, musicians, dancers, sculptors, photographers and other artists from the region and abroad gather at gallery events which combine exhibition with active public participation.


Alpha’s distinctive, minimalist space in an historical building provides the perfect contemporary venue for cultural, corporate and social events, and offers event-planning services to accommodate the needs of you and your guests.

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